Yorkville Sound Debuts the Next Generation élite Series Loudspeakers


Yorkville Sound, leading manufacturer and distributor of pro audio systems and musical instruments, is proud to introduce the next generation élite series loudspeakers.

In the 1980's, Yorkville Sound changed the face of high-powered portable speakers with the launch of the élite series. Indestructible wood cabinets with high output drivers offered PA professionals & weekend warriors alike a new level of high SPL speakers in portable packages. Thirty years later, and we are changing the rules again.

The highly anticipated next generation of élite speakers are here, with new construction materials, proprietary woofers/horn drivers, redesigned horns and a new amplifier design. Beyond the upgraded components, the élite series can also pair with a Bluetooth enabled App available on both iOS and Android devices, to help users fine-tune the EQ and limiter settings.

The next generation of powered loudspeakers includes the EF12P, EF15P, ES15P and ES18P, featuring significant upgrades, delivering maximum performance while maintaining a lightweight and portable profile. The new élite series is sure to impress.

To learn more about Yorkville Sound visit: www.yorkville.com

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