Synergy Rigging - SABUMPER1

Flying Array Bumper

The SABUMPER1 allows for fast and efficient rigging of the SA153 and SA315S cabinets.

sabumper1angle sabumper1front sabumper1top sabumper1panel sabumper1rails sabumper1use1 sabumper1use2


This is a 4 wide column flying bumper which can safely handle two SA153 and one SA315S cabinets in each column for a 12 cabinet max hang at a safety factor of 7:1. Speaker cabinets are easily connected to the flying bumper using the same SALOCKBAR used for connecting cabinets to each other, no additional rigging accessories are required. Included with the SABUMPER1 are two extension tilt bars that can be used when extreme up tilt or down tilt are required. The extension bars are simply slid into the two central or the two outer main rails and secured in place with a 5/8" shackle (not included).


Max Load Capacity 2000lbs/907kg at 7:1 Safety Ratio
Max Cabinet Capacity 4 column Wide Hang (Each Column = 2 x SA153 + 1 x SA315S Max. Total Cabinet hang = 12)
Material / Construction 10 Gauge Welded Tube Steel
Finish Black Powder Coat
Included Accessories Two Extension Tilt Bars
Required Shackle Size (Not Included) 5/8" (Sample Crosby#1018473)
Overall Dimension DxWxH 26" x 59.5" x 4"
Weight 64lbs with the extension bars, 55lbs without extension tilt bars

Specifications subject to change without notice