Warranty User


User Warranty Claim Procedure

As a Yorkville product owner who purchased the product in Canada or the U.S.A. you should be aware that there is an UNLIMITED 2-YEAR "EVEN IF YOU BREAK IT" WARRANTY on most of the products that we make. Furthermore, we don't care if you bought it from an authorized Yorkville dealer or if it was new when you bought it. As long as it is an electronic product or speaker system of our manufacture which was purchased by a dealer or end user as a new unit within the past two years, or first rented as a new unit within the past two years, you are covered. That's virtually all there is to it. What voids the warranty? Virtually nothing voids the warranty*. In simple terms, if it needs repairs for any reason during its 2-YEAR warranty period, it is covered. Click here for more detailed information about our warranty.

If you have difficulty determining whether or not something is still under warranty, simply note the manufacturing date contained in the serial number, then add two years to obtain a feasible expiry date. When there is no other proof, that is what we do. In our serial number system, the year of manufacture is the first digit, and the month is next two. For example, serial number "701----" would date from 1997, month 01 (January). A feasible expiry date would therefore be January 1999.

* As expressed on our warranty card "Freight charges and damages caused as a result of major accidents or natural disasters (such as fire, automobile wrecks, tornadoes, etc..) are excluded from this warranty."


Simply contact the dealer you purchased the product from. If that dealer is either not willing to help, or is not an authorized dealer you can contact us directly. We strongly suggest that you try to keep the dealer involved. They have better access to shipping support, and are often able to fix the product locally, and file a warranty claim with us. This dramatically reduces down time.

We do not have "Authorized Service Centers" that are not in some way linked to a Yorkville dealer. If you must send merchandise back to us directly, we suggest you contact us first.