Yorkville Sound Introduces EXM Mobile 8 Three-Way Battery Powered Speaker


TORONTO, ON (NOVEMBER 30, 2020) - Canadian pro audio manufacturer, Yorkville Sound, continues to innovate the battery powered format with the EXM Mobile 8, a wedged, lightweight 3-way battery powered speaker with Bluetooth technology.

Yorkville Sound was an early leader of the battery powered PA concept with the EXM Mobile, (2017), followed by the EXM Mobile 12 (2018). The EXM line immediately became sought after products by musicians and mobile DJ’s seeking solutions to provide great sound without the hassles of wires or seeking external power.

The EXM Mobile 8 contains an 8-inch woofer and a coaxial mid-range and tweeter. “We have a market rarity with the EXM Mobile 8,” said Yorkville Sound’s Jeff Cowling, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “We are providing a 3-way speaker, in a landscape where most battery powered compact speakers of this size are 2-way models. The dedicated mid-range of the coaxial driver allows the 8 Inch woofer to work at its fullest capacity.”

With a cabinet that is designed to be displayed flat on a table top surface, tilted up vertically, wedged horizontally, or mounted on a standard speaker pole, the EXM Mobile 8 is designed with versatility and everyday use in mind. “Practically, the EXM Mobile 8 is a solution that keeps up with the creativity of how we keep events thriving today. Musicians are setting up gigs on driveways. exercise classes are taking place outside in parks, and public speaking engagements are in more open spaces,” says Cowling. “The EXM Mobile 8 is designed to power extraordinary gigs in extraordinary places, while providing the best sound quality available.”

The EXM Mobile 8 has three inputs and an internal mixer, positioning the unit as ideal for solo performers, DJ’s and small ensembles on the move. Using all channels at max output still allows for many hours of battery performance.

The EXM Mobile 8 can be linked to multiple EXM Mobile units with an XLR cable to run all speakers simultaneously. By using the link feature, all three inputs on each speaker are available to the user and can be summed together.

The EXM Mobile 8 is a perfect portable battery powered option to turn any space in to a venue with great sound. Continuing the success of the EXM Mobile line, the Mobile 8 is set to be a sought-after speaker in 2021.

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