Synergy Array Series Powers Classic Hotel Vegas’ Spring Break Boogie


Austin, TX (March 20, 2019) – For its eighth year, Hotel Vegas’ massive annual Spring Break celebration, also known as the unofficial SX kick off, was powered by Yorkville Sound’s new Synergy Array Series active point-source speaker system. Rock N Roll Rentals, the Austin-based retailer that provides gear for the event needed a system that could provide the power required to handle dozens of high-octane Austin bands.

“We needed something tough as nails,” says Craig Johnson, Rock N Roll Rentals’ General Manager. “Synergy worked hard for over a week. It delivered concert quality sound and feel with an easy set up. We needed a bullet proof solution that could withstand 10 days of all day, all night music.”

The Synergy system consists of the SA153, a three-way full-range active cabinet, along with the SA315S active subwoofer. Canadian pro audio manufacturer, Yorkville Sound has created this ultimate point source speaker system incorporating Tom Danley’s patented Paraline Lens & Synergy Horn technologies into this powerful & portable array. Precise directivity control and array-ability are exceptional by all standards as is the shockingly high output for its size and footprint.

Synergy is perfect for the Hotel Vegas’ 800 capacity venue. The system is scalable in both horizontal and vertical planes and the perfect sound reinforcement solution for the club, outdoor festival, theatre and arena. Synergy is adaptable to suit any coverage pattern needed.

Never before has a large point source system with this much output and sound quality been this easy to set up and use. With limited amount of knowledge and manpower, the Synergy series is simple to get performance-ready both physically and acoustically. The result is always a head-turning PA system.

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ABOUT YORKVILLE – Yorkville Sound has been a manufacturer of PA systems and loudspeakers, Traynor instrument amplifiers, installed audio systems and accessories since its inception in 1963. The company now employs over 220 people in a 150,000 sq ft facility in Pickering Ontario, Canada (a suburb of Toronto). In addition to its manufacturing capability, Yorkville Sound is an importer and distributor of microphones, and accessories under the Apex brand ( as well as studio effects, signal processors, microphone preamps and accessories under the brand name Applied Research & Technology (ART) ( Yorkville Sound distributed lines include Granite Percussion, Denver Guitars, Orion FX Lighting, Dynaudio PRO and Hughes & Kettner Amplifiers for North America; Epiphone Guitars, Gibson Guitars, Mapex Drums, Los Cabos Drumsticks, Line 6, Ernie Ball Strings, Rotosound Strings, Dean Markley Strings, Snark Tuners, GoPro Cameras, TrueTone Pedals, Gibson Pro Audio, Cerwin-Vega, Stanton, KRK, as well as Gallien-Krueger amplifiers for Canada

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