Hughes & Kettner’s Black Spirit 200 Makes Trade Show Debut at Winter NAMM 2019


Yorkville Sound distributed brand, Hughes & Kettner will be making the trade show debut of the new Black Spirit 200 amplifier at Winter NAMM 2019. The amplifier will be proudly displayed at Yorkville Sound’s Winter NAMM Booth and will be the subject of demonstrations throughout the show.

Black Spirit 200 is the first amplifier to feature Hughes & Kettner’s revolutionary new ‘bionic’ Spirit technology. Made in Germany and housed in a sealed PCB, the Spirit Tone Generator faithfully recreates the vivid interactions of traditional tube amp circuits in a strictly analog way, delivering world class tone and responsiveness.

The amp features four channels which cover all the iconic guitar sounds of the last 60 years, plus a comprehensive range of built-in reverb, delay and modulation effects. Black Spirit 200 is also the world’s first analog amp to feature a power amp sagging control, letting players adjust the amount of power amp sag regardless of the volume level.

The Black Spirit 200 can be played through any kind of speaker – from standard guitar cabinets to active and passive PA speakers, studio monitors and even a home stereo. The Red Box DI output offers eight ultra-realistic cabinet simulations, making it the perfect mic-free solution for stage and studio.

Thanks to Hughes & Kettner’s Smart Rotary Control technology, every pot setting (including EQs and gain, and sagging) on Black Spirit 200 can be saved and recalled in up to 128 presets using any compatible MIDI footswitch, and unlimited tonal presets are possible when using the amp’s free App for iPad via Bluetooth.

Black Spirit 200 packs a massive 200 watts of power, making it loud enough for the biggest of stages. The amp can also be reduced to 20, 2, or even 0 zero watts for silent recording and bedroom practice. With a headphone out and an Aux in – or using Bluetooth – players can jam along to their favorite tunes any time inspiration strikes.

Black Spirit 200 is out now. For more information, visit the Hughes & Kettner website and watch the Black Spirit 200 video teaser here:

Hughes & Kettner is distributed by Yorkville Sound for North America. Visit Hughes & Kettner at Yorkville Sound’s Winter NAMM Booth #17305

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