Yorkville Sound Debuts New Scalable Portable Compact Powered Vertical Array System


Yorkville Sound introduces the completely new Paraline Series Loudspeaker System, a compact, expandable active vertical array designed specifically for mobile PA applications and venues where access to complex trussing or roof hangs isn’t practical.


The Paraline Series PSA1 active full range loudspeaker system delivers the clarity and precision of a complex line array system in a compact, and cost effective user friendly format. Innovative cabinet design uses Yorkville Sound’s proven Paraline high frequency lens technology pioneered in the flagship VTC Elevation Series line array cabinets.

Rugged injection molded ABS cabinet and Neodymium magnet woofers minimize overall cabinet weight making a full system transport and set-up can easily be handled with a single operator. Designed to deliver maximum performance with minimum complication, the PSA1’s integrated power amplifiers and internal DSP mean no external processing is required. Direct connect to mixer source and set system levels, and the system is ready for the show.

Highly efficient amplifier design means each PSA1 draws less than 3 amps in typical operation meaning up to four cabinets can operate safely on a standard 15 amp service. This allows efficient set up using AC loop thru connections on the PSA1 while avoiding nuisance tripping of mains breakers. This also minimizes the need for multiple extension cables or access to multiple house circuits often needed for an active PA setup.

PSA1 Features:
  • Uses Patented Paraline Horn Lens Technology
  • High quality Speaker Components (including 18 Sound 6-inch Woofers and BMS Compression Drivers)
  • Focused 15° Vertical Dispersion for Minimum Interference Between Arrayed Cabinets
  • Wide 110° Horizontal Dispersion Pattern
  • Manufactured Using Light-weight/Strong ABS Cabinet Material
  • Stacks using Standard Speaker Stand on Integrated Dual Angle Stand Mount Adaptor (Maximum Two Cabinets per stand)
  • Up to Four PSA1 Cabinets Can Be Easily Powered on one 15 Amp Circuit
  • Made in Canada

Companion Active Subwoofer System

Paraline Series PSA1S Compact Active Subwoofer
The 1400-watt dual 12-inch active PSA1S bass reflex subwoofer is the ideal companion sub for the PSA1 full range loudspeaker system. Solid 15mm birch plywood cabinet construction and an integrated all-metal pole-mount adaptor make the PSA1S the perfect platform for stacking PSA1 cabinets in a scalable array system.

Compact design, heavy-duty wheels and handles ensure the PSA1S can easily be handled by a single operator for economical system set-up.

Efficient Class-D power amplifier design provides unmatched long-term reliability in the field. Cable of direct connection to any audio source (including speaker level input) the PSA1S can be easily integrated in to virtually any PA application, making it one of the most versatile active subwoofer solutions Yorkville Sound currently offers.

PSA1S Features:
  • Ultra High Performance Compact Active Subwoofer
  • High Quality Dual 12-inch Speaker Components
  • Bass Reflex Design
  • Ideal Companion Subwoofer for PSA1 System
  • Solid 15mm Birch Cabinet Construction
  • Integrated Pole Mount Adaptor & Heavy Duty Wheels
  • Made in Canada

Yorkville PSA1 Compact Active Vertical Array Cabinet: MSRP CAN - $1999.00 CDN
Yorkville PSA1 Compact Active Vertical Array Cabinet: MSRP US - $2399.00 USD

Yorkville PSA1S Compact Active Subwoofer: MSRP CAN - $1999.00 CDN
Yorkville PSA1S Compact Active Subwoofer: MSRP US - $2399.00 USD

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