Cerwin-Vega Introduces New Earthquake™ Passive and Powered Subwoofers


For over 65 years, no subwoofer has been able to consistently deliver more solid, clean, ground-shattering bass than Cerwin-Vega’s famous Earthquake™ folded horn designs.

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With an almost cult-like following in the EDM and DJ markets, Earthquake™ subs have always been the most sought after woofers in the industry.

In 2016, Cerwin-Vega delivers the next generation of this groundbreaking (and ground shaking) folded horn subwoofers that are destined to redefine pure, powerful, thunderous bass extension for the club and concert scene.

Based on Cerwin-Vega founder Gene Czerwinski’s original designs, but outfitted with modern high efficiency drivers and Cerwin-Vega’s proprietary Tour Shield™ outer coating; the all new EL-36D (passive) and EL-36DP (powered) folded horn subwoofer are set to raise the performance standard for large scale live sound and club system reinforcement.

  • 18-inch Folded Horn Earthquake™ Bass System
  • Durable Cerwin-Vega Tour Shield Protective Coating
  • 2000W Peak/1000W Program / 500W Continuous (Passive EL-36D)
  • Max SPL: 141dB (Passive EL-36D)
  • 2000 Watts of Active Power (Active EL-36DP)
  • Max SPL: 136dB (Active EL-36DP)
  • Thunderous bass extension down to 37 Hz
  • Acoustic Impedance Balancing Reduces Cone Rocking
  • Cast Aluminum Door Functions as a Heat Sink
  • Reinforced Deep Pole Cup

EL36D Earthquake™ 2000w Passive Subwoofer - $1149.00 MAP
EL36DP Earthquake™ 2000w Powered Subwoofer - $1699.00 MAP

Both EL36D and EL36DP will be shipping early in the 4th Quarter 2016.

Retailers currently carrying Cerwin-Vega, or who are interested in becoming dealers for this premium brand in Canada are encouraged to contact Yorkville Sound at 905-837-8777 for more information.

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