Dynaudio Pro Introduces LYD Nearfield Monitors - The Personal Reference Monitor Redefined


LYD Monitors offer producers and musicians nearfield speakers that excel when used in controlled volume listening spaces. Each drive unit is fueled by a powerful, state-of-the-art Class-D amplifier that features a 96kHz/24bit signal path. New softdome tweeters and trademark MSP woofers ensure unerring accuracy.

DynAudio LYD Monitor

Innovative DSP control in the Dynaudio LYD Series offers the option to extend or curtail the low frequency response by 10 Hz where needed. Advanced Position and Sound Balance controls ensure the best possible performance in any professional listening environment.

Advanced controls on LYD Monitors’ rear panel include Bass Extension which allows the user to choose between having the speaker play with a flat default bass setting, or tuned to play as loud as possible (+10Hz/+5dB) or as deep as possible (-10Hz/-5db). None of the three settings influences the linearity of the frequency response.

Knowing that placing a speaker close to a wall is always problematic - and this is especially true of bass-ported systems, LYD Monitors offer two user selectable Position Settings, one for free-standing speakers (“Free”) and one for speakers placed within 50 cm of a back wall or closer (“Wall”).

The Sound Balance option is a so-called ”tilt filter”. Tilt filters lift one end of the frequency spectrum while lowering the other end by the same amount. Different to Shelf-EQs, this can be used to influence the frequency response of the speaker without influencing the phase.

The tilt filter used on the Dynaudio LYD Series lifts 20 kHz by 1.5dB while lowering 20Hz by 1.5dB for a “Bright” setting, or the other way around “Dark” tone shape. This will help to provide a more balanced response at the listening position making LYD monitors the prefect solution for a compact workspace.

Dynaudio Pro LYD Series Monitors are making their debut at this year’s Frankfurt MusikMesse Tradeshow, and will be shipping in North America early in the second half of 2016.

LYD-5 - 100w Nearfield Monitor w/5-inch woofer – $ 559.00 US MAP
LYD-7 - 100w Nearfield Monitor w/7-inch woofer – $ 669.00 US MAP
LYD-8 - 130w Nearfield Monitor w/8-inch woofer – $ 789.00 US MAP

Key Features of the LYD Series Nearfield Monitors

  • Handcrafted soft-dome tweeter with aluminum voice-coil
  • Handcrafted MSP woofer with aluminum voice-coil and die-cast aluminum basket
  • Bi-amped speaker design with Class-D amplification
  • Bass Extension extends or curtails the low-end frequency response, by changing the low-cut of the monitor
  • Position switch between two tuning setups: for freestanding monitors or monitors positioned close to a wall
  • Sound Balance to influence the frequency response of the monitor without causing phase problems
  • High-Resolution 96kHz/24bit signal path
  • Variable input sensitivity
  • XLR and RCA inputs for flexible input options
  • Made in Denmark
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