The YX Series delivers maximum performance in the most cost effective loudspeaker line ever offered by Yorkville Sound. Engineered in North America, the YX Series benefits from Yorkville's forty plus years of PA enclosure design experience in the creation of these high performance yet cost effective general purpose loudspeaker enclosures.

The YX Series cabinets use injection molded horns with 1-inch throat and 1.4-inch Celestion neodymium compression drivers. Yorkville's tried and true dual-bulb CTL™ protection system protects the horn driver's aluminum diaphragm ensuring unmatched reliability in the field. These cabinets are built road-ready with easy-to-clean, durable black carpet covering, solid internal plywood bracing and reinforced internal component mounts.

Designed with working musicians in mind, the YX Series offers rugged 5/8-inch plywood cabinet construction, all-metal bar handles, metal input plate, integrated speaker mounts and a custom punched, perforated metal grille to protect the speaker components. A modified trapezoidal shape (YX10, YX12, YX15 and YX15P) ensures the YX Series can function equally as well as a front-of-house or monitor speaker.


  • Our most cost effective loudspeaker line ever offered
  • Injection molded horns
  • Dual-bulb CTL™ protection system
  • Road-ready with easy-to-clean, durable black carpet covering
  • Rugged 5/8-inch plywood cabinet construction
  • All-metal bar handles
  • Metal input plate
  • Integrated speaker mounts
  • Custom punched, perforated metal grille to protect the speaker components


NX - Not all man made materials are created equal, acoustically speaking…

The NX Series loudspeaker cabinets have undergone a constant evolution since the flagship model, the NX20, was introduced in early 2000. Along the way, improvements in the molding process have led to the use of tougher, lightweight, low resonance variable density composite materials, use of denser foam in select locations and redesigned part geometry for a much sturdier and a much stronger molded loudspeaker box.

The NX Series cabinets now have a smoother, more rugged and more professional final finish.

All cabinets in the NX Series are molded for maximum versatility, and all boxes can be used as either a full range front of house enclosures, as floor monitors or as installation loudspeakers. Integrated flypoints, recessed handles, dent resistant all metal grilles and integrated stand mount adaptors are included on all NX Series cabinets ensuring maximum flexibility. Speakon and 1/4-inch connectors on the passive cabinets (XLR and TRS balanced connectors on the active loudspeakers) ensure simple and secure connectivity. All NX Series cabinets are UV and moisture resistant and can be used in outdoor applications.

The trapezoid box is ideal for mounting in arrays, or for use as a monitor, with recessed input jack plate and an ideal wedge monitor angle that was taken into account in the initial design. Neither application was considered as an afterthought. Stand mount and flying hardware are also available.


  • Active and Passive versions
  • Ultra-light variable density molded Polypropylene construction
  • Dual purpose full range and wedge monitor format enclosure
  • Ultra-clear reproduction throughout bandwidth
  • Ultra-high efficiency performance requires less power for more output
  • Next generation woofer / driver / horn technology
  • Integrated flying points
  • Tough, full length metal grille
  • Recessed input panels


Excursion EXM Series compact scalable active stereo PA systems are built with mobile live sound in mind. Lightweight compact extension speakers, innovative pole-through connectivity and versatile input / mixer functions ensure the EXM Series can easily be used in small solo or duo performances, DJ applications, conferencing and public address functions.

Designed for maximum mobility, the center of the system is a compact powered subwoofer module with integrated mixer. Two high efficiency satellite speakers and two speaker poles complete the core package. Connectivity between subwoofer / mixer and satellite speakers is handled with innovative pole through conductors, meaning no extra cabling is required.

Integrated 24-bit digital effects ensure the EXM400 can be used for live musical performances without need of cumbersome external signal processing. A padded nylon carry bag is included with the package to maximize user convenience.

A dedicated Bluetooth channel means direct connection of any Bluetooth enabled audio device for music playback can be made without additional cables. This makes the EXM400 the ideal compact high fidelity conferencing / presentation and public speaking system.


  • Ultra Compact Complete Active PA System
  • Easy to Assemble Self Contained Design
  • Integrated User Friendly Mixer
  • Ideal for Live Sound, Mobile DJ or Conferencing Applications
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • On Board Digital Effects
  • Expandable
  • Made in Canada


Yorkville's élite series loudspeaker systems are the result of years of research, pushing the limits of modern state-of-the-art sound reinforcement technology. Engineered for the serious pro audio user, élite systems are among the most advanced, most versatile and most efficient high powered portable P.A. boxes available.

Today's élite Series loudspeakers and subwoofers, from the highly efficient two-way E10 to the 2400 watt E2152 have some of the most advanced component protection and crossover technology available today. They have been carefully designed to bring you the latest in Yorkville's advanced loudspeaker engineering.

Ideal for any small PA rental house, installer or sound company, these loudspeakers may replace a number of specific application cabinets in any inventory.


  • Compact and simple to operate
  • Linear, full range frequency response
  • Time aligned with low distortion
  • High power handling, high efficiency, high SPL
  • High efficiency, high excursion, linear response drivers.
  • High definition, high slope internal passive crossovers.
  • Computer modeled enclosure designs to accommodate greater driver dynamics.
  • Unique protection networks capable of reacting equally to power overloads and input distortion levels.
  • Solid plywood cabinet construction
  • Recessed Handles, All metal grilles, Integrated pole mounts
  • Operates with optional élite EP1 digital processor specifically designed to enhance individual cabinet frequency response or act as stereo crossover when adding subwoofers to system.
  • Made in Canada


The Unity™ Series pushes the limits of modern state-of-the-art sound reinforcement technology, which features a radical new loudspeaker horn design, arguably the first major evolution in horn technology in the last 60 years.

Ultra clear reproduction through the high-mid band with extremely linear frequency response has been achieved using the patented* Unity™ horn technology, licensed from Sound Physics Labs Inc. Unity™ horn technology combines a single 1.75-inch diaphragm high frequency compression driver (1-inch throat) with three 5-inch ceramic magnet midrange drivers on a single, highly efficient conical horn. This combines high and mid frequency energy in a single 60° x 60° horn that produces frequencies from 300Hz to 20kHz.

The Unity™ technology takes advantage of the variable flare rate nature of a conical horn. By sectioning the horn according to the expansion rate, the horn can be divided into frequency bands and be loaded with suitable drivers mounted outside the acoustic path. The front-to-back spacing of the drivers on the horn exactly compensates for a drivers inherent "built-in" delays and the phase shift / delay introduced by the crossover. Polar measurements show that while there are four drivers loading the horn, acoustically they act as ONE source. Acoustic phase measurements give no indication of where the crossover is, it in fact, looks and acts like one point source.


  • Rugged Driver Mounting System
  • Custom Designed Conical Horns
  • Advanced Crossover Networks and Protection Schemes
  • Advanced PTC™ High Frequency Horn Protection
  • Rugged Black Carpet Covering (Optional Black Ultrathane Paint Finish Available)
  • Curved Metal Speaker Grilles
  • Recessed Handles, integrated Standmount Adapters
  • Two Year Unconditional Warranty
  • Made in Canada


Built for virtually any typical pro-audio application, the Paraline Series brings the power and precision of processor controlled touring PA into the hands of the working musician with a system that offers simple plug and play operation. Scalable by design, the Paraline Series active cabinets and companion active subwoofers deliver the clarity and precision of a complex line array system in a compact, user friendly format.

Developed specifically for mobile PA applications and use in venues where access to complex trussing or roof hangs isn't practical, the Yorkville's Paraline Series Cabinets mount securely on typical speaker stands without additional rigging hardware.

Innovative cabinet design uses Yorkville Sound's proven Paraline high frequency lens technology pioneered in Yorkville Sound's flagship VTC Elevation Series line array cabinets.


  • Ultra High Performance Compact Active PA System
  • Uses Patented Paraline Horn Lens Technology
    (from Yorkville Sound's Flagship VTC Elevation Series Vertical Array Touring Systems)
  • High quality Speaker Components and Hardware
  • Focused 15° Vertical Dispersion for Minimum Interference Between Arrayed Cabinets
  • Wide 110° Horizontal Dispersion Pattern
  • Stacks using Standard Speaker Stand on Integrated Dual Angle Stand Mount Adaptor
    (Maximum Two Cabinets per stand)
  • Installation Hardware Available
  • Up to Four PSA1 Cabinets Can Be Easily Powered on one 15 Amp Circuit
  • Made in Canada