Legacy Series - Y115P

210w, 15-inch / 1-inch Powered

The ultimate in portable 'plug and play' convenience, you can simply plug a portable CD player or microphone directly into the Y115P and crank it up for wall shaking sound. Easy to transport, easy to connect, great sounding and affordable - what more could you ask for?


Although the external user interfaces on the powered enclosures are simple, the internal workings incorporate a complex limiting strategy. Each circuit has been specifically designed to control the interaction of the custom-designed components with the internal power amplification, thus maximizing output level and sonic integrity while ensuring safe operation. The Y115P includes 210W of bi-amp power (180W LF / 30W HF) for a robust, compact, easy-to-use package. Both XLR and 1/4" input jacks are provided to accept either line (mixer / microphone) or speaker (power amp) level signals for maximum application flexibility. Other features include a level control, ground lift and loudness switch.


System Type Two Way
Active or Passive Active
Program Power (Watts) 210
Nominal Impedance (Ohms) NA
Sensitivity (dB @1Watt/1m) NA
Max SPL (dB) 126
Frequency Response (Hz +/- 3dB) 50 - 19,000
Crossover Frequency (Hz) 3500
Driver Configuration 1 inch / 15 inch
HF Driver(s) 1
HF Protection Thermal, Overcurrent
LF Driver(s) 15
Total Power (Watts) 210
HF Power Amplifier (Watts) 30
LF Amplifier Type 180
Cooling Scheme Passive Convection
Power Cable Yes
Power Switch Yes
Inputs 3
Inputs - 1/4" Jacks 2 (TRS)
Inputs - XLR 1
Input Sensitivity (Vrms Sine) 1/4 inch= 2 / 60 * , XLR= 8-10
EQ Controls Loudness Switch (low boost)
Other Controls / Features Input is switchable between line level and speaker level.
Ground lift switch.
Multiple Y115P's can be strung together via their parallel 1/4 inch inputs.
Corners Black Metal
Feet Plastic Glides
Strap Handles 1x side mounted
Pole Mount Adapter (1 3/8"-3.5cm) Yes
Enclosure Materials 3/4 inch 7-ply plywood
Grille Heavy gauge black perforated metal
Covering / Finish Blue/Black Carpet
Other Details * input select switch in / out
Dimensions (DWH xbackW, inches) 15 x 18 x 24.5
Dimensions (DWH xbackW, cm) 38 x 46 x 62
Weight (lbs/kg) 53 / 24

Specifications subject to change without notice