Amplifiers & Processors


AudioPro AP-Series power amplifiers are built to withstand heavy-duty live sound reinforcement, touring systems or installation. They are the culmination of Yorkville's forty years of design and manufacturing experience for the music industry, and include features most in demand by audio professionals. They are the ideal choice when high headroom and low distortion are needed, especially when reproducing the dynamic range and clarity of today's digital recordings.

Yorkville's AudioPro AP-Series power amplifiers are designed for rock solid performance right down to and below their lowest impedance ratings. An 'impedance aware' design strategy deals with the realities of driving typical reactive speaker loads and they address the associated problems such as thermal shutdown, inductive 'snap-back', and premature current limiting. They will easily drive reactive phase shifted loads with no difficulty - even though they are still fully protected from accidental short circuits.

Sturdy all-steel construction with a baked-on, black finish is used throughout and, for ease of integration, the amplifiers feature reinforced mounting ears and a compact two or three rack-space design.

All AudioPro amps come with Yorkville's standard two-year (even if you break it!) transferable warranty (valid in USA and Canada only).


  • Rock solid performance right down to lowest impedance ratings
  • Will easily drive reactive phase shifted loads
  • Advanced protection schemes
  • User-defeatable peak limiter that is transparent below clipping levels
  • 'Soft turn-on' circuit
  • Computer-optimized Silentfan™ front-to-back heat dissipation system
  • Front panel Power, Protect, Activity and Clip LED's
  • Speakon™ and binding post outputs
  • Balanced XLR & 1/4" TRS inputs
  • Impedance Mode switch (AP1020 & AP2020)
  • Sturdy all-steel construction
  • Baked-on, black finish
  • Reinforced mounting ears


Designed in North America to be the most cost effective high-powered amplifiers Yorkville Sound has ever made, the new PX Series deliver rock solid performance at their minimum rated impedances in even the most demanding live sound applications.

Proven Class-H amplifier topography provides wide frequency response, extremely low self-noise and low harmonic distortion making Yorkville PX Series amplifiers some of the best performing audio amplifiers in their class. Built for maximum versatility, all PX Series amplifiers have XLR and ¼-inch inputs, Speakon and binding post outputs and defeatable limiter.

Compact two rack space design, solid steel chassis and highly efficient front to back fan cooling scheme so typical road case or rack installation won't impede airflow ensures long-term reliability in any touring system or audio install application.


  • Designed for Rock Solid Performance Down to Lowest Impedance Ratings
  • Recessed Front Panel Gain Controls
  • Efficient Front-to-Back Cooling Scheme
  • Advanced Protection Schemes Including DC Current, Load, Thermal and Breaker Protection
  • Front Panel Power, Protect, Activity and Clip LED's
  • Speakon™ and Binding Post Outputs
  • Balanced XLR & ¼-inch TRS Inputs
  • Sturdy All-Steel Construction